Spanish Style Seahurst Hillside Residence

Our customer had a large 2 car garage built into the hillside above Puget Sound, and wanted a Spanish style home built around it. We searched for an architect and came up with a perfect fit in Jim Dearth. Jim met with the customer and us, and gathered all the pertinent information he could from the customer in one afternoon. Later that week Jim presented floor plans and an elevation sketch, the customer had a few minor changes to make, and in a week we had full schematics, and a week after that we had permits! It was a very successful project that we are all proud of and happy with. It is 3 bedrooms 2700sq/ft home.

Jim formed Ripple Design soon after this project, and has designed many homes for Tek-line Construction, Inc. since.



Ripple Design, Jim Dearth, Architect